Benjamin Lewis

This is Benjamin Lewis he plays ultimate frisbee and his number is 11 for Julio Jones the NFL Atlanta falcons star wide receiver. Benjamin was born on June 16th 2006. His favorite color is green and before he moved to Seattle he lived in Atlanta, Georgia for 10 years. This is his 3rd year at James Madison middle school so he is an 8th grader. His favorite animal is a meerkat. He has no previous newspaper experience. Next he attended Mary Lin elementary in Atlanta for six years and his favorite place on earth is Yellowstone national park in Wyoming . Lastly, his favorite athlete is Julio Jones the star wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons who competes in the NFC south division of the national football league of america. In Benjamin's opinion Julio Jones is one of the greatest wide receivers of all time. Benjamin also enjoys traveling to various places around the globe.

Benjamin Lewis, web master

Mar 11, 2020
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Benjamin Lewis